About the Structure of
The Herbcrafter’s Tarot

Be Audacious and Spirited in your explorations.
— Dandelion, The Fool
Devotion to your calling is devotion to the world.
— Tulsi, Awakening
Declare your truth loudly and without fear.
— Oregano, Adelita of Air
The Herbcrafter's Tarot 78 Card Deck

This deck follows the structure of the standard seventy-eight-card tarot deck:

The numbers represent how THE plants contribute to an ecosystem:

  1. Dooryard herbs, weeds.

  2. Plants that attract pollinators or feed animal friends.

  3. Plants that are easy to grow.

  4. Plants uses for borders and hedges.

  5. Plants listed as endangered by United Plant Savers.

  6. Abundantly producing plants.

  7. Ancient trees.

  8. Root medicine plants.

  9. Fruit trees.

  10. Cover crops and composting plants.

The Herbcrafter's Tarot - The Number represent how the plants contribute to an ecosysytem.

The Herbcrafter's Tarot - The Legacy of Women Healers

The sixteen People cards represent the legacy of women healers throughout history:

  • Pages become Hijas (daughters)

  • Knights become Adelitas (warriors)

  • Queens become Madres (mothers)

  • Kings become Curanderas (healers)

Only the hands of the herbcrafter are featured to better highlight the plant as well as celebrate the slow intentional ritual of handcrafting.

I’m beside myself with glee going through these cards and the incredible artwork. The info in the guidebook is top notch. Anyone even a bit witchy leaning will want this deck.
Benebell Wen, Author of Holistic Tarot