Herbcrafter’s Wisdom

Be a Conduit of Transformation for others.
— Sunflower, The Magician
1 Magician.jpg
Devotion to your calling is devotion to the world.
— Tulsi, Awakening
Take the next step, even if it hurts.
— Nettle, Ace of Earth
Let the petals fall.
— Marigold, Death
Pleasure shared is pleasure multiplied.
— Lemon Balm, Three of Water
Air 14.jpg
Words have wings.
What is remembered lives.
— Rosemary, Curandera of Air
Embrace your dreams, lose yourself in imagination.
— Chamomile, Hija of Water
Enflesh the Sacred.
Make Prayer Visible.
What you leave behind enriches new growth.
— Alfalfa, Ten of Air
Remember to enjoy the sweetness of life.
— Raspberry, Three of Earth
Embrace your sharp edges; they create the container for your tenderness.
— Motherwort, Madre of Air
Call the circle,
make some magic.
— Nasturtium, Six of Fire
Declare your truth loudly and without fear.
— Oregano, Adelita of Air
Care for yourself
at the root.
— Turmeric, Eight of Earth
Courageously step toward the heat.
— Bee Balm, Two of Fire
Lead with a bold,
kind heart.
— Garlic, Strength
Be Audacious and Spirited in your explorations.
— Dandelion, The Fool
Your broken pieces contain the stars of hope.
— Cottonwood, The Star
Celebrate the pleasures
of life.
— Peach, Nine of Water
Water 9.jpg
Unleash your Magic.
— Sunflower, The Magician
It is not the Triumph, but the Journey that leads to mastery.
— Cedar, The Chariot
7 Chariot.jpg
You come from ancestral giants.
— Horsetail, Ten of Earth