Pentacles become Earth

Pentacles become Earth・The Herbcrafter’s Tarot

Earth: Wealth, Making

Earth corresponds to Pentacles in traditional tarot decks and represents the realm of wealth. The suit of Earth features plants that are used to make legacy tools. Wealth for the herbcrafter is measured by the health and sustainability of her community and the earth. In the Herbcrafter's Tarot this suit contains medicine for the world gained from teaching and preserving. The herbcrafter’s tools are baskets and fiber arts. Here on the herbcrafter’s journey they begin to look beyond themself. They protect and care for the land. They create forward-moving gifts. They see medicine as anything that heals and have a desire to share what they have learned with others. They are led by their body.

In the Earth cards we see scenes of gardening, harvesting, and weaving. The plants in this suit are used in basketry and fiber arts. Their medicine lies in the making of tools as functional art that hold stories to be passed to future generations. Stories of creation, history, planting, and medicine are written in the designs of everyday materials: baskets, blankets, and clothing. These creations will not be used up but passed on to future generations. 

We craft to be makers in the suit of Earth.