Suits: Air

Swords becomes Air

Swords become Air・The Herbcrafter’s Tarot

Air: Thoughts, Learning

Air corresponds to Swords in traditional tarot decks and represents the realm of thoughts. The suit of Air honors the gifts that come from noticing. In the Herbcrafter’s Tarot this suit contains medicine for the mind gained from observing, thinking, and learning. The herbcrafter’s tool in the suit of Air is the boline. The herbcrafter gathers information, ideas, wisdom, and the plant itself. They learn how to identify plants correctly, how to craft with them and grow them, how they behave in nature. They will have life-changing healing experiences, feel overwhelmed, and hoard books and information. They are led by their mind.

In the Air cards we see the plants as they appear nature. They are tall and slender; they pierce the sky. In this suit the medicine comes from observation. The doctrine of signatures teaches that what a plant looks like reveals something about its remedy. The herbs in the suit of Air have a sword-like appearance. 

We craft to learn in the suit of Air.