Suits: Water

Cups become Water

Cups become Water・The Herbcrafter’s Tarot

Water: Emotions, Nourish

Water corresponds to Cups in traditional tarot decks and represents the realm of emotions. The suit of Water emphasizes water-based medicines. In the Herbcrafter's Tarot this suit contains medicine for the heart and soul, gained by reflecting and connecting. The herbcrafter’s tool in the suit of water is the kettle. This is a time in the herbcrafter’s journey where they understand that more is not necessarily better. The herbcrafter learns to savor the medicine. They begin to crave a more profound relationship with the plants. They have an urge to slow down and find a softer remedy, something that will take them deeper. They are led by their heart.

In the Water cards we see calming scenes in the herbcrafter’s life. In this suit, plant medicine is extracted using water—baths, warm cups of tea, and serene water vistas. Remedies featured in this suit are long-term healing tonics that do not act quickly on the body. They work slowly over time. 

We craft to nourish in the suit of Water.