Wands become Fire

Wands become Fire・The Herbcrafter’s Tarot

Fire: Action, Play

Fire corresponds to Wands in traditional tarot decks and represents the realm of action. The suit of Fire celebrates the alchemy of herbcraft. The herbcrafter’s tool is the mortar and pestle. In the Herbcrafter's Tarot, this suit contains medicine for the body gained from playing and making. The herbcrafter has gathered their herbs and now has an intense desire to make potions. They transform book learning into something concrete. Creating becomes a way to release fear. They get out of their head and use their hands. They collect things in jars, experiments and gets messy. They feel as excited and empowered as an alchemical sorcerer who creates healing. They are led by their spirit.

In the Fire cards we see busy scenes in the herbcrafter's workspace. In this suit, plant medicine is produced by alchemy; it is extracted using oil, alcohol, sugar, or vinegar. Many of the remedies featured in this suit apply to specific acute ailments and are medicines that do not last; they are made to be used up.

We craft to play in the suit of Fire.